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Thursday, December 11, 2008

10 Hottest Things In Jue's Life..

1. Jue's Hottest Hangout

* There's a really cool "free WiFi" n Siamese Food Restaurant at Bangi called Restoran Amir. M
e and my friends ++ loves ones always hang out there at night (last nite i've been there from 11p.m till 2 a.m,lepaking wif my Amir). I've tried meehoon "Tomyam" at Kajang,Anjung Serdang, The Ships and several other places but I still love Restoran Amir's tomyam. I also used to love hang out at the Maulana Seri Serdang. I found it very cool n happening..(walaupun Mamak's).. Hehe.On working days..me n my frenz enjoy hangout a.k.a bekpes at MECD..cool!!..

2. Jue's Hottest Story

* After my tranferation from Nanotag Squad..i'm ejoying my working life with Training Unit( Admin) at Level 3 wif my new buddies..they all so nice n make my day completed..better than before lah..besides, i still hang out n keep connect wif my old buddies..Specially Ayu N Kak Faris..they are my best buddies i ever had in Nanotag Squad..

3.Jue's Hotest Scent

* Man, this perfume is amazing, you can like drown in the smell!! The ouh-so-hot and sweet sense of Escada perfume. It is a great perfume and that’s from a very picky perfume wearer. The perfume was given to me by Amir as, ‘Hantaran’ for my engagement. I have bottles of perfume in my closet but this one is my favorite! I only use it for special occasions. It makes me feel pretttyy n smells good.. GO BUY IT! It's really cool.

4. Jue's Hottest Make-Up

* Eye Liner from LOREAL definitely! and ofkos Compact Powder from DIOR too!

5. Jue's Hottest Colours

* I like all sorts of colours but my favourites are green, black,brown and pink!

6. Jue's Hottest Friends

* My G.i.A, Fanadya "Delicious"(huahuahua), Ayu, Farisza ...n Of Kos My Amir.

7. Jue's Hottest Dessert

* I don't really eat dessert much but only once in a while. I'll have Mc'D sundae chocolate ice cream,chocolate cake n Donuts from J'co's.. Yummy!!!

8. Jue's Hottest Shoes

* Sandals..no hi-heel plisshhh!!!

9. Jue's Hottest Accessories

* Hurm I don't really have accessories. Maybe my black Bonia Handbag n my Pink Levi's casual bags,was given from My Amir.

10. Jue's Hottest Celebrity

* Nur Fazura..is it OK??

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