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Monday, December 22, 2008

Complicated Life


As we know,life was too hard to understand n its unpredictables. All the wishes ,dreams,hopes n our needs was to difficult to be complete at de same time.ekceli , no ones noe n no ones cares..but i'm very2 sure, u guys oso feel tired n hard to face all the things Alone..am i rite???

Myself oso trying to share n solve all my difficulties wif sumone i trust.(as far as i can do larr)..to person who i can talk to ..share everything wif me n willing to discuss about life,future n all the possibilities of life..as we noe,there's so many obstacle in our life..n we all oso noe dat we cant avoid it..wat we can do??..juz face it..face it n face it!!!..Grrrrrrr..........

i'm expecting to have a magic which can prevent me from dat all kind of obstacles ..(i really hate dat things so much)...but as a human being..life was no meaning n not challenging without dat matters..huh..wat so thwartings!!!

xpelah guys....wait la till i got dat magic n the speciality as i've said .may it happen to me la guys(juz in my dreams la..gagagaga..)

*conclusion = dun ever sulk to divine decrees...accept it with open heart n open views..di ulang...juz face it!face it! n face it!!..oke..

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