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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Insafi Diri.

Showing off to others is not good. sometimes we as humans do not intend to show off or conceit, but the acceptance of every human being is different. sometimes they receive a good of what we try to share and sometimes they feel that we are proud of ourselves. it is difficult to satisfy everyone, right? Our good intentions are often misinterpreted. maybe we were delivering something that is somewhat redundant and has been making people crap without us realizing it. Sorry friends, I do not know what is in your heart. things happen without intentional. see other friends who were complaining when there are people trying to behave themselves and be proud, it makes me self conscious. I worry if there is behavior that is not pleasing to other people. maybe there is a story about my life, about my cute little boy and probably about anything related to myself that I tell too much, know that all that is unintentionally. Once again, I apologize if any of my friends who feel not satisfied with my words.. Saya insan biasa~


abah dan mak haqq said...

lor bakpe gituh..
kuatkan semangat ok :)

::( ';')جو أمير(';' ):: said...

Kid ::
risau plak ade tersakitkan hati sesapa melalui blog nie.. daku insan biasa.. huhuw~